about - spiritdog
Over the years many people have asked where the name Spiritdog Photography comes from. The inspiration was a very high-spirited Dalmatian by the name of Madison. While Madison was known to be many things to be many people, I always appreciate three qualities that made her a very unique spirit. The first was her constant movement. For me photography is not about standing in one place waiting for the right shot but rather fluidly moving with the action capturing events as they unfold. The second was her focus. Immersing myself in the environment allows me to anticipate the “moment” that makes the image real and natural. The last quality was Madison’s passion for what she loved. For me that passion and love is photographing people and the diversity of their lives and feelings. I cannot tell you how many times I find myself smiling while looking through the lens knowing that a special moment in time has just been captured forever.
I hope you enjoy my photography and thank you for stopping by.....John Stack
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